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"Kate Moss in Turban, Marrakech, 1993".
Archival Pigment Print. Späterer Abzug, 2010.
61 x 46 cm.
Verso eigenhändig betitelt, voll signiert und nummeriert 6/25. Gerahmt. Auf Rahmen Galeriestempel.

Crump, James. Albert Watson. London und New York, 2007 (vgl. Abb. 86 u. 87 aus derselben Serie).

"Albert Watson's images have the power to seduce with their pristine beauty and sophisticated refinement. In a Watson image, thechnological mastery is at the service of a rigorous aesthetic programme, where genres bend and weave, and subjects defy any simple categorization: a Watson nude, for instance, is a still life is a landscape is a portrait is a fashion picture. His pictures lie at the crossroads of sensualtiy and objectivity... Many of Watson's images are iconic representations, burned into our collective memory..." (Crump 2007, S. 5).
Albert Watson steht für Bilder, die sich "radikal innovativ und dabei absolut stilsicher aller denkbaren Erscheinungsformen des 'Zeitgeits' bemächtigen". (Stecker, Raimund. Klappentext in: Watson, Albert. Mad Dog. München, 1996).

"Kate Moss is undoubtedly among the most recognized high-profile supermodels in fashion, continuing to re-create her career through playing muse to the greatest photographers in the history of the medium. Watson created probably...the most iconic images of Moss on a shoot for German Vogue, and today they remain among his most popular pictures. At the end of a day shooting on a roof-top in Marrakech, Watson suggested he create nude photographs of Moss and she happily obliged." (Crump 2007, Bildlegenden Abb. 87/88).

- Galerie Grace Radizwill, Paris.
- Europäischer Privatbesitz.

"I still think these are among the best pictures ever taken of her and she said so as well recently." (Albert Watson zit. nach Crump 2007, Bildlegenden Abb. 87/88).

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