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Morning Sleep, 2004.
C-Print aufgezogen auf Aluminium-Platte. Vintage.
101 x 265 cm.
Verso montiertes Etikett mit voller Signatur, Druglegende, Nummerierung 2/9, Galerie-Etikett.

Literatur: Kate Hoernle (Hrsg.). Goicolea. Alter Ego: A Decade of Work by Anthony Goicolea. Ausstellungskatalog North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, 17.4.-24.7.2011, u. a. Calgary, 2011 (Abb. Tafel 15, S. 53).

- Torch Gallery Amsterdam.
- Schweizer Privatbesitz.

"When I photograph a place, I take pictures of all the elements that contribute to the feeling of a space. Oftentimes, the sky is taken on a separate day, trees are collected from nearby locations, ground cover spans several miles... but it is all combined and composited into one image that communicates the 'idea' of a place even though it is not accurate documentation."
(Anthony Goicolea zit. nach Hoernle, 2011, S. 28).

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