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(Paris 1911 - 2010 New York)
Anatomy. 1989-1990.
Portfolio with 10 drypoint etchings, 1 etching, 1 multiple, imprint and title. 11/44. Each monogrammed in pencil lower right: LB. Drypoint etching: Varying image sizes on wove paper 49.5 x 35.7 cm. Etching: 43 x 25 cm on wove paper 65.5 x 45.7 cm. Multiple: 28 x 21.5 cm. Published by Peter Blum Edition, New York. Printed by Harlan and Weaver Intaglio, New York (etchings) and Rebecca Lax of Solo Press (multiple). In original box. Complete.

Provenance: Private collection Great Britain.

Louise Bourgeois, one of the most important and influential female artists of the 20th century, in an artistic career spanning over 7 decades, worked in every imaginable medium. In sculpture, painting, drawing, printing and installation work she found her own unique way of accessing form. For her, the departure point for form was primarily the human body. In its form, qualities and expressiveness, in its physical as well as emotional way of being, the body was the vehicle and agent of her artistic language. Through it she could translate in endless variations the central themes of fear, pain, femininity, maternal love, human relationships and devotion.

In the present portfolio Anatomy from 1989-90 Bourgeois poetically extracts individual parts of the body. In some of the sheets, the fine line of the etching needle traces the outlines of body fragments in a subtle and almost delicate application on the page. In others, a powerful light-dark contrast prevails, in which its dominance of the lines leads almost to abstraction. The works of the portfolio allow the high suspense of contrasts, of inner and outer, of smooth and rough, vulnerable and cruel, as is so often encountered in Bourgeois‘ sculptures, to clash knowingly one against the other.

Thus, in Anatomy, Bourgeois shows for example the manipulation of separate, individual parts of the body, uncoupled from their original function, in order to create a new context of meaning. For her, therefore, a section of the human skeleton, from upper thigh bone, hip bone and spinal column, is just as worthy of attention and just as significant as the sole of the foot depicted with minimalist economy, or a woman hanging by her hair with legs spread over a thorny semi-circle.

The Italian artist, Monica Bonvicini, who deals with similar themes and materials in her work, explains what the magic of Louise Bourgeois’ works represents:
“The intuitive. The private. The dream-like. The skilfulness. She has a very unique voice and has with great effort created and earned her place in the history of art.” (cit.: Monica Bonvicini, Deutschlandfunk, 18.4.2018 for her exhibition „The Empty House“ im Schinkelpavillion in Berlin, 21.4.-29.7.2018.)

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