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Meissen, ca. 1733.
Painted with the coat of arms of the Saxon Kings of Poland-Lithuania and with scattered bouquets of flowers and sheaves of wheat. The edge with an opulent gold border of tendrils, foliage and bands. Underglaze blue sword mark, potter's mark for Johann E. Grund sen., Johanneum No. of the Japanese Palace N=147-w, incised and blackened.
D 23.6 cm.

- 1734, for a service created on the occasion of the coronation of Frederik Augustus II, Elector of Saxony, to become the King of Poland-Lithuania.
- 1734, this item became part of the Royal Collections in the Japanese Palace in Dresden.

Siegfried Ducret, Porzellan der europäischen Manufakturen im 18. Jahrhundert, Zurich, 1971, p. 21 Ill. 10.

The exact connections between the time of origin of the service up to the question of its function at the coronation ceremony have not been fully clarified due to a lack of references and have often been discussed in the relevant literature, cf. C. Kirsch, Langeloh Porcelain, 2019, pp. 646-651.
What is certain is that shortly after the coronation in Krakow in 1734, the service was first added to the Dresden Warehouse and then to the inventory of the Japanese Palace, where it was marked with the Palace mark, the so-called Johanneum number N=147-w, like all 77 items, including 37 plates, which were inventoried under the following note: „Anno 1734 in Dresden G. vor Se. Königl. Majestät in Pohlen in ChurFürstl. Durchl. Zu Sachsen pp wurden aus dero Porcelain Lager zum Japan. Palais in diesem Jahre in Unterthänigkeit geliefert, als:…Ein Taffel Servis mit den Königl. Wappen und reicher Verguldung" (C.Boltz, Japanisches Palais-Inventar 1770 und Turmzimmer-Inventar 1769, Keramos 153/1996, pp. 89ff). U. Pietsch had assumed that the service was most likely part of the coronation ceremony, but as a display service, in addition to the public coronation table setting which traditionally consisted of silver place settings (Catalogue Collection Marouf, 2010, No. 239).

Comparable items: Königliche Sammlungen Dresden (Zimmermann 1926, Plate 28); Collection Dr. Ernst Schneider Schloss Lustheim (Rückert 1966 No. 454 and Weber 2009 Vol. I, p. 91, Ill. 40); Collection Ralph Wark (Wark 1984 Nr. 516); Collection Pauls-Eisenbeiss Basel (Pauls-Eisenbeiss 1972, Vol. I p. 480); Collection Ludwig, Bamberg (Catalogue 1995, p. 140, No. 142); Collection Arnhold (Cassidy-Geiger 2008, No.186).

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