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Vedutas and portraits, approx. 1870-1890. 31 original photographs by J. ANDRÉ GARRIGUES, LUIGI FIORILLO, ANTONIO BEATO, PH. ALBERT, G. BERGGREN & NEURDIN FRÈRES.
Albumen and collodium prints.
Each approx. 20 × 26 cm.
Mostly with imprinted legends. Partly mounted or fix-mounted on cardboard.

The photographs from Tunisia, Algeria, Jerusalem, Egypt, and Turkey show landscapes, street views, market halls, sights and portraits. Among them a group picture with Muhammad III al-Husain (1814-1882), Sadok Bey of Tunisia.

Slightly scratched, occasionally some oxidation mirroring and faint foxing. Cardboard mounts mostly soiled and somewhat spotty, as well as wavy, partly slightly rubbed and bumped. Overall in good condition.

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