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Winterthur, monogrammed EL (Erhard Liechti, deceased in 1591) and dated 1775.
Open iron case, the corner pillars decorated with spherical ornaments. Pierced bell cage, decorated with blossoms. Architecturally painted, probably original dial with moon phase, on top of the chapter ring. Alarm disc. The dial, dated 1775. Movements arranged one behind the other. Movement with verge escapement and wheel balance (replaced), striking mechanism, striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Small alarm movement, striking on bell. Wooden console, later. Iron weights.
15 × 17 × 39 cm.

Escapement as well as balance wheel with gallows, replaced.

The Liechti watchmaking family was active in Winterthur for generations, and goes back to Laurentius Liechti (deceased in 1545).

Cf.: A. Schenk, Die Uhrmacherfamilie Liechti von Winterthur und ihre Werke, Winterthur 2006; pp. 40-56 and p. 48f. (Fig. 20 - a very similar clock, but without a moon phase).

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