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Meissen, model by J. J. Kändler and P. Reinicke ca. 1743, moulded ca. 1760.
Three-story building with a rectangular layout, with windows all-around, an attic, an arched entrance on one side, and a red tile roof with three dormer windows and two chimneys. Traces of a blue sword mark with dot.
17.8 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm.

- Collection Dr. Siegfried Ducret, Zurich.
- By succession to Rosmarie Schmidt-Ducret, Binningen, estate.

Melitta Kunze-Köllensperger, Miniaturarchitekturen für die Brühlsche Desserttafel, in: Schwanenservice, 2000, p. 120, Ill. 84.

The townhouse model is part of a large, idyllic arrangement for a festive dessert table, consisting of churches, barns, farmhouses, stately palaces and townhouses. In the 1753 inventory of the confectionery of Pförten Castle, a total of 51 townhouses were listed out of a total of 93 small architectures. The models were designed and realized by Kändler, Reinicke and Ehder since 1743.
This kind of figural table centerpiece was initially made of dough, sugar and gum tragacanth before porcelain found its way onto the dessert table. It played a major role in demonstrating princely wealth, and the Prime Minister under the Saxon Elector, Count Heinrich von Brühl, played a major role in shaping the image of porcelain by placing substantial orders with the Manufactory.

Comparative pieces and further reading: Melitta Kunze-Köllensperger, Idylle in Porzellan. Kostbare Tischdekorationen aus Meissen, 1996, No. 14; M. Kunze-Köllensperger, Miniaturarchitekturen für die Brühl'sche Desserttafel, in: Schwanenservice, 2000, Cat. No. 165 (Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund); M. Kunze-Köllensperger, Collection Ritter von Kempski von Rakoszyn, 2008; Glanz des Barock, Collection Ludwig, 1993, p. 181; F. Kirsch,100 Jahre Porzellane und Fayencen des 18. Jahrhunderts, 2019, pp. 360-366.

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