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Lot 1826* - S17 Out of This World - Tuesday, 28. June 2022, 04.00 PM


Marvel Studios
Rubber, leather
23 x 50 x 14 cm

Provenance: Italian private collection

Certificates: Comes with a Certificate of authenticity.

In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, strength, the protection of mankind and fertility. One item that never leaves his side is the powerful hammer Mjölnir.
It's used both as a devastating tool for destruction and as a divine instrument to provide blessings.

The Mjölnir, the Thorhammer, has itself become the protagonist of many Marvel films. The indestructible wonder weapon was forged in the core of a dying star and could only be used and lifted by those who proved worthy of it.

This prop hammer comes from Thor 2: The Dark World, the second film in the Thor film series which was released in 2013. It was used personally throughout the movie by Chris Hemsworth, mainly in action scenes.
The head of this hammer is made of dense rubber. It is painted to resemble hardened steel with strong patina. The top is engraved with ancient runes, while the edges feature an intricate Nordic knot pattern. The handle is wrapped in leather-like rubber and has raised decorative silver chevrons that improve the grip. A leather strap in the Nordic design is attached to the pommel.
The hammer is in excellent condition, showing only slight signs of use that occurred during filming.

Only very rarely original Marvel Props reach the open market. So this is great chance to add this wonderful and iconic piece of movie history to your collection.

《雷神 2:黑暗世界》中的雷神之锤

漫威影业2012橡胶、皮革23 x 50 x 14 厘米
出处: 意大利私人收藏证书:附有真品证书在北欧神话中,雷神索尔是一位挥舞着锤子的神,与闪电、雷声、风暴、力量、人类保护和生育有关。一件永远不会离开他身边的物件,就是强大的雷神之锤Mjölnir。在北欧古代神话中,Mjölnir是雷神索尔的锤子,既可作为破坏性工具,也可作为神圣的祝福神器。Mjölnir,即雷神之锤,本身已经成为众多漫威电影的主角。这种坚不可摧的神奇武器是在一颗垂死的恒星的核心处铸造的,只有那些证明值得拥有它的人才能使用和持有。这把道具锤来自《雷神2:黑暗世界》,这是雷神系列电影的第二部,于2013年上映。它被克里斯-海姆斯沃斯 (Chris Hemsworth) 本人用在整个影片中,主要是在动作场面中。你不一定非得是个英雄才能持有这件神奇的武器。这把锤子的头部由致密的橡胶制成。为了模仿带有厚重铜锈的硬化钢,它被相应地涂上了油漆。古老的符文刻在上面,而边缘饰有复杂的北欧结图案。手柄采用皮革状橡胶包裹,并带有凸起的装饰性银色V形纹,增强了握感。鞍座上系着一条北欧设计的皮带。锤子状况非常良好,仅因拍摄过程而产生轻微磨损迹象。漫威原创道具很少流入公开市场。这是一个难得的机会,可以将这部极受欢迎的电影系列中的标志性作品添加到收藏中。

CHF 22 000 / 50 000 | (€ 22 680 / 51 550)

Sold for CHF 24 700 (including buyer’s premium)
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