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Lot 946* - S18 Out of This World - Tuesday, 18. April 2023, 04.00 PM


Seirocrinus Subangularis
Holzmaden, Germany
Early Jurassic, 174 – 201 million years
150 × 80 × 4 cm

Seirocrinus subangularis is a fossil crinoid species from the Early Jurassic. These flower-like animals are distant relatives of sea urchins and starfish. They consisted of a stem with a length of circa 23 ½ –35 ½ in (60–90 cm) and a crown that reached a length of 8–12 in (20–30 cm). However, there were also larger specimens that measured several metres in length. With the long arms of its finely branched crown, the crinoids fed on food particles filtered from the moving water. Fossil crinoids are found all over the world, but the most beautiful specimens come from Holzmaden in southern Germany.

The crinoids lived in huge colonies that swayed back and forth in the ocean depths. Some specimens, like this one, attached themselves to drifting pieces of wood. This elegant specimen of the Crinoidea family possesses the minimalist elegance of frozen motion. One might expect that in a moment, these two fossilized crinoids would continue their floating movements, as they did millions of years ago.

The example presented here is of the finest quality, in a beautiful dark slab and with only minimal restorations.

CHF 12 000 / 15 000 | (€ 12 370 / 15 460)

Sold for CHF 23 480 (including buyer’s premium)
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