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Lot 1024 - A206 Decorative Arts - Thursday, 21. September 2023, 10.00 AM


Late Gothic, Upper Rhine, ca. 1480/1500.
Lime, carved and painted, verso hollowed. The two saints appear to be moving and have expressive faces. One figure probably represents Saint Peter.
H 87 cm.

Paintwork, in part highly rubbed. Lower arms missing. Losses and chips to the hem of the garments.

Provenance: Private collection, Suisse romande, from the Château de Courtaney à Avry, Fribourg.

This fragment is probably from a larger altar group with the Twelve Apostles in connection with the Death of Mary. The facial expression of the left figure suggests that he is blowing out a lamp or a candle, as is often the case when making reference to the Death of the Virgin Mary.

CHF 8 000 / 12 000 | (€ 8 250 / 12 370)