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Lot 3247 - A205 Impressionist & Modern Art - Friday, 23. June 2023, 04.30 PM


(Nolde 1867–1956 Seebüll)
Twilight with dark cloud/Sunset by the river. Circa 1920.
Watercolour and ink on Japan paper.
Signed lower right: Nolde.
34.9 × 47.1 cm.

The work is registered in the archive of the Nolde Stiftung Seebüll under no. Fr.A.3024.

- Nolde Stiftung Seebüll.
- Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin, until 1957.
- Private collection Germany.
- Private collection Berlin
- Galerie Salis & Vertes, Zurich, 2010.
- Galerie Koch, Hanover, 2010.
- Galerie Thomas, Munich, 2012 (label on the reverse).
- Private collection Basel.

- Berlin 1970/71, 1920–1970. Fünfzig Jahre Galerie Nierendorf, Galerie Nierendorf, 16.9.1970–3.3.1971, no. 632 (with ill. p. 238).
- Berlin 1976, Emil Nolde – Christian Rohlfs, Galerie Nierendorf, 6.12.1976–29.3.1977, no. 10 (with ill. p. 9).
- Bonn 1998/99, 100 Jahre Kunst im Aufbruch. Die Berlinische Galerie zu Gast in Bonn, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD, 25.9.1998–10.1.1999, no. 347.
- Grenoble 1999, Un siècle d'art à Berlin. La collection de la Berlinische Galerie, Musée de Grenoble, 20.6.–1.11.1999; this exhibition was travelling to: Porto 2000, Fundacào de Serralves, 12.5.–9.7.2000 and: Valencia, Centro Julio Gonzales, 27.1.–1.4.2000.
- Berlin 2008, Expressionale 2008. 150 Werke aus der Sammlung Karsch-Nierendorf, Kunstzentrum Park Kolonnaden, 25.5.–24.8.2008, no. 20 (with ill. p. 108).
- Munich 2012, Emil Nolde, Galerie Thomas, 30.3.–30.6.2012 (with ill. p. 37).

Weltkunst, Munich, yr. 78, June 2008, book 6, p. 75 (with ill.).

'Abenddämmerung mit dunkler Wolke/Sonnenuntergang am Fluss' (Twilight with Dark Cloud/Sunset by the River) is one of the watercolours Emil Nolde created circa 1920 in his East Frisian homeland. These intense works are characterised by a distinctive mood and atmosphere. Nolde was closely connected to the landscape of his native region and had a deep understanding of the unique light and weather conditions, which he skilfully captured in his works.
His watercolours, including the work presented here, often show cloud formations above a flat, expansive landscape, marked by a strong sense of drama. The depiction of the sky is the central motif in Nolde's landscape paintings and often determines the mood and atmosphere of the entire work. The landscapes themselves are rather sparse and barren, but Nolde adeptly conveys their beauty and uniqueness.
In his watercolours, Nolde employs a powerful and expressive painting style that intensifies the sense of dynamism and movement. At the same time, he achieves a harmonious and balanced composition through his choice of colours. The watercolour presented here is an impressive example of his masterly technique and artistic talent, which he dedicated to his homeland.

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