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Lot 886 - A207 Out of This World - Monday, 04. December 2023, 04.00 PM


Type: Ducati DM 750 S
Serial no.: DM7 50S 756 727
Cylinder capacity: 746 cm3
Unladen weight: 200 kg
Total weight: 352 kg
Mileage: 10 107 km

In the world of motorcycles, Ducati is not just a brand; it is an anthem of power, a symphony of speed, and a legacy of innovation. It is a name that echoes with the spirit of exploration, inviting riders to embark on journeys where the road becomes a canvas and every twist and turn is a stroke of exhilaration. Ducati is a celebration of the extraordinary, an ode to the art of riding, and an everlasting source of awe and inspiration.

In the early 1970s, Ducati was already renowned for its racing success, particularly in the Isle of Man races, but it sought to capitalise on this racing pedigree by introducing a road-legal motorcycle that embodied the spirit of competition. The result was the Ducati 750 Super Sport, unveiled in 1973.

The 750 SS was designed by renowned engineer Fabio Taglioni and featured a 748cc L-twin engine. Its distinctive, minimalist design was characterized by a beautiful and slimline aesthetic, setting it apart from its contemporaries. The bike's aerodynamic half-fairing and iconic ‘green frame’ made it instantly recognisable.

In Ducati's rich history, the 750 Super Sport, featuring the famous Ducati mechanical king shaft, stands as a symbol of the brand's dedication to performance, racing excellence, and timeless design. It remains a testament to the enduring allure of classic motorcycles and the impact they have on the world of motorcycling.

The custom tank and tail, both sporting distinctive designs, are the creations of Yves Liengme,
a renowned Ducati importer in Switzerland, celebrated for his sophisticated customisations of motorcycles. In addition to the striking tank and unique tail section, his creations were characterised by alternative braking systems and his signature tail light. Notably, he excelled in his work on the Ducati bevel-drive models, where he implemented numerous fine modifications.

Complete list of custom work on this bike:
- Tail light
- Fittings
- Exhaust black chrome-plated
- Manifold heat-absorbing wrapped
- Lamp black powder coated
- Tank, rear and side cover repainted
- Rims widened and black powder coated
- Stitched leather seat sewn by hand

Yves Liengme: The Ducati Maestro
Yves Liengme, a Swiss luminary in the world of motorcycles, etched his name in the annals of Ducati history as a revered expert and artisan. Renowned as a Ducati importer in Switzerland, Liengme's passion for these Italian masterpieces transcended mere commerce.

With a discerning eye for design and performance, Liengme elevated Ducati motorcycles to a new echelon of excellence. His customisations, marked by distinctive tanks, tail sections, and personalised touches, were legendary in the Ducati community.

Yves Liengme's legacy lives on in the finely tuned Ducati machines he crafted, embodying the spirit of precision and innovation that defines the brand. His mastery endures as a lasting testament to the fusion of art and engineering in the world of motorcycling.

CHF 40 000 / 60 000 | (€ 41 240 / 61 860)

Sold for CHF 50 000 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.