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Lot 376* - A209AS Asian Art: Japan, India, South-East Asia - Tuesday, 18. June 2024, 02.00 PM


Japan, early 17th c. Each 169.7 × 376 cm (overall size).
Ink, color, gold and gold leaf on paper. Two six-panel screens (byôbu), expressively painted with the famous battle at the Uji bridge from the Heike monogatari (The Tales of the Heike). Two Minamoto warriors, Kajiwara Genta Kagesue and Sasaki Shiro Takatsuna, race across the river to be the first. (2)

Provenance: Important Swiss collection, purchased at Christie’s New York, 23 October 2009, lot 14, invoice available.
This pair of screens depicts one of the most iconic scenes of the Japanese history where the two warriors compete at the bridge at Uji river, lined with willow trees. During the wars between the Minamoto (Genji) and Taira (Heike) clans in the 1180s, the planks of the Uji Bridge were partally destroyed to defend the nearby Byôdôin Temple. It was early spring, the ice and snow from nearby mountains have melted and they found the river flooded. White waves race downstream, creating enormous eddies. Yoshitsune, the Minamoto commander, turns to his men for advice, asking whether they should wait for the river to subside. Just then, the two warriors galloped into sight. Although neither of them let their intentions be known, each had secretly resolved to be the first to cross the river.

CHF 80 000 / 120 000 | (€ 82 470 / 123 710)

Sold for CHF 150 000 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.