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(1613 Leiden before 1675)
Hermit at prayer. Circa 1670.
Oil on panel.
Signed lower left on the book: GDOV.
34.5 x 29 cm.

- Verlassenschaft des churfürstli. (estate) Hofkammer- und Commecienraths Joseph van Dufresne, 1760 (according to label, now missing).
- Collection of Kurfürstliche Galerie, Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Inv. No. 578, until 1935.
- Collection of Stadtresidenz, Landshut, 1935. - Kunsthandel Dr. Plietzsch, Berlin, October 1938.
- Kunsthandel Cornelis B. de Bruin, Utrecht, 10.7.1951. - Collection of Jacques Salmanowitz, Versoix.
- Important private collection in West Switzerland.

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- Catalogue of the Collection of Kurfürstliche Galerie, Alte Pinakothek, Munich 1904, Cat. No. 400.
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- Baer, Ronni: The paintings of Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), Ph. D. Dissertation, New York 1990, No. 119.

This painting of exquisite quality by Gerrit Dou, discovered in a Swiss private collection, Ronni Baer was recently able to examine thoroughly in the original for the first time, and she confirms that it is the one she lists in her catalogue raisonné of 1990 as no. 119 (see Literature). At that time it was known to her only through a black-and-white photograph. The painting was once in the collection of the Kurfürstlichen Galerie, Alte Pinakothek, before it was transferred in 1935 to the collection of the Stadtresidenz in Landshut and was then passed on to the art dealer Dr. Plietzsch in Berlin in an exchange of 1938 (written confirmation from the Alte Pinakothek is available). Through the Dutch art trade the painting then came eventually to Switzerland and reemerges now on the market after a long period. A hermit is shown in a grotto-like setting; in his hands, which are folded in prayer and rest

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