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Still life of flowers (B2643), 2006.
C-Print on acrylic, Diasec face-mounted. Vintage.
150.5 x 125 cm.
Printed name and date lower left "Michael Wesely 6.1.-19.1.2006". One-off piece. Original artist's steel frame.

Kaiser, Franz W. (Text). Michael Wesely: Stilleben 2001 - 2007. Munich 2007 (ill. p. 49).

With his still life of flowers Wesely revisits one of the original themes of old master painting. He places different types of flowers from tulips, roses, carnations and many others in a transparent vase on a brown wooden table and documents the process of decay with a photomontage using overlaid pictures. Through the use of a life-size format he imbues the pictures with enormous impact and transcendence.

"Michael Wesely’s flower pictures ... show the transience of flowers in a very literal way. Thus, Wesely makes use of a particular visual quality relating to the technical nature of the photographic medium: motion blur. Normally this is seen as a technical fault, and in Wesely’s flower pictures initially this comes across as a disruptive factor, but which in the second instance gives pause for reflection. Instead of showing the picture of a bouquet of flowers as a bouquet of flowers, as we would see it, in Wesely’s flower pictures what is foremost is the fact that these are pictures, and indeed photographic pictures." (Kaiser 2007, p. 94).

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