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Louis XVI, the bronzes from a Parisian master workshop, the dial signed BOURDIER A PARIS (Jean Simon Bourdier, maître 1787) and inscribed DUBUI(SSON) (Etienne Gobin, known as Dubuisson, 1731- ca. 1815), Paris ca. 1790.
"Carrara" and "Griotte Rouge" marble. Finely painted, parcel-gilt enamel dial. 3 fine, pierced and gilt hands. Anchor movement with Graham escapement, striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Exquisite mounts and applications.
H 62 cm.

- from a private collection, Switzerland.

Ref.: J.D. Augarde, Les ouvriers du temps, Geneva 1996; pp. 286f. (biogr. information about Jean Simon Bourdier). Thieme/Becker, Leipzig 1999; 13/14, p. 283 (biogr. information about Dubuisson). H. Ottomeyer / P. Pröschel, Vergoldete Bronzen - Die Bronzearbeiten des Spätbarock und Klassizismus, Munich 1986; I, p. 208 (Fig. XXV, a candelabrum by P. Gouthière) and pp. 286ff. (Fig. 4.15.1 to 4.15.6, candlesticks with a similar base structure). Ibid., II, pp.561-642 (biogr. information about Pierre Gouthière).

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