Lot 1048* - A184 Furniture, Porcelain & Silver - Thursday, 22. March 2018, 10.00 AM


Barock/Régence, probably England ca. 1700, the stand from Italy, 18th century.
Wood, painted all around with fine depictions of bouquets in vases, flowers, leaves and decorative frieze, on a black ground. Front with double-doors. Fitted interior with 11 drawers of different sizes, likewise exquisitely painted. Finely engraved brass mounts. Paint work, restored.
Cabinet 100x49x82 cm. H with stand 152 cm.

- from a French collection.

The cabinet currently on offer is depicted in: A. / A. Lovreglio, Dictionnaire des Mobiliers et Objets d'art du Moyen Age au XXe siècle, Paris 2006; p. 195 (Fig. 7). An almost identical cabinet was sold at our March 2010 Auction (Lot No. 1059) for CHF 346 000.- . A very similar cabinet is part of the Collections of the P. Getty Museum in Malibu.

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CHF 70 000 / 120 000

€ 65 420 / 112 150

Sold for CHF 84 500 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.