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Rare, early Breguet 2-day Marine Chronometer, 1819 - 1847.

Exceptionally well-preserved, finely grained mahogany box in 3 parts. The hinged upper cover opens upon pushing a button. Brass-framed glass. Brass cardanic suspension. Matte-finished, silver-plated dial signed: Breguet Neveu & Comp,ie. No 575, Depot de la Marine A1. Fine chronometer movement with two spring barrels, spring detent escapement with cylindrical spring, and "parachute" shock protection for the balance wheel.
D 19.5 x 18.5 x 19.5 cm.
According to the excerpt from the Breguet Archives, this watch was sold in 1819 as Breguet No. 3070 "A1" to Captain Houssart of the Chevalier et Company for 2000 francs. In 1845, Breguet bought the Marine Chronometer back, restored it, and renumbered it No. 575. On 30 December 1847, Breguet sold this chronometer to the French Marine Ministry for 2400 francs.

With excerpt from the Breguet Archives, original winding key No. 575, and original key for the mahogany box.

CHF 15 000 / 20 000

€ 13 160 / 17 540

Sold for CHF 23 300 (including buyer’s premium)
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