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Munich, 1904. The dial signed S. RIEFLER MÜNCHEN D.R.P. No 50739 D.R.P. No 100870 and dated 1904 and numbered 78.
Solid brass pillar movement in an air-tight glass vessel with constant inner pressure. Clock dial with large minute ring and 2 smaller 24-hour and second chapter rings. Steel hands. Movement with Riefler spring-force escapement and electric winding mechanism. Heavy pendulum. Movement, may require revision.

According to Riefler documents, the dial with number 78 was foreseen for an oak case clock. Apparently this clock was not completed or delivered. According to the same documents, our clock with pendulum number 194 and escapement number 102, an air-tight glass vessel clock, originally had the dial number 74. See: Dietrich Riefler, Riefler Präzisions-Pendeluhren 1890-1965, Callwey, 2. erweiterte Auflage, 1985. P. 166.
H 146 cm, D 35 cm.

Very rare museum-quality clock which, in its time, was one of the most precise clocks in the world with an accuracy of less than one tenth of a second.

Sigmund Riefler, born on 9 August 1847, was a well-known German physicist and precision watchmaker. After his studies at the Technical University and the University of Munich, he turned to precision watchmaking in 1888 and completed his first precision pendulum clock in 1889. In addition to an almost temperature-constant Invar pendulum, he developed a gravity escapement and a spring-force escapement for pendulum clocks. He died in Munich on 21 October 1912 at the age of 65.

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