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Régence. France, Paris, ca. 1730. Attributable to the workshop of Charles Cressent.
Amaranth in veneer. Rectangular, slightly protruding top, edged in bronze and lined with brown leather. Curved legs, with paw-feet sabots. Front with 3 drawers. Same, but sham arrangement on the back. Gilt bronze mounts designed as scrolls, palmettes and lattice work. Escutcheons featuring two-headed dragons. 2 keys.
79 x 164 x 85 cm.

Veneer, in part faded. Restorations. Bronzes, in part later.

Charles Cressent, born in 1685 as the son of the "sculpteur du Roi" François Cressent, first worked in his father's workshop. He created high-quality furniture for the nobility of the French metropolis. Cressent's clientele included the Marquis de Marigny, the Duc de Richelieu, important collectors such as Marcellin de Selle, Bounier de la Mosson, Brozat, Julienne, Blondel de la Gagny, King Joao V of Portugal and members of the Bavarian court, for whom he supplied furniture.

Literature: Alexandre Pradère, Charles Cressent. Dijon 2003. No. 67, p. 138.

CHF 25 000 / 35 000

€ 23 360 / 32 710