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Louis XV, Paris, ca. 1750. The dial and movement signed Stollewerck à Paris. Maître from 1746 onwards. The bronze case, stamped St. Germain. Bronzier 1719-1791.
Bronze, finely chased, and matte and polished gilt. Enamel dial with finely applied fleur-de-lys. The movement with Brocot escapement, striking the 1/2-hour on bell. Repetition on demand. Fine, pierced hands. 1 key.
46 x 33 x 19 cm.

Cf. J.D. Augarde, Les ouvriers du temps, Geneva 1995; p. 398. See also: Tardy, Le dictionnaire des horlogers français, Paris; p. 600.

An identical mantel clock, but without the corresponding base, is illustrated in Pierre Kjellberg, La Pendule Française du Moyen Age au XXe siècle, Paris, 1997, Fig. E, p. 111. Another illustration of the clock with an identical base is depicted in: Hans Ottomeyer / Peter Röschel. Gilded bronzes. Munich 1986, Vol. 1. Fig. 2.8.15, p. 128.

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