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(1865 Paris 1935)
Peupliers au bord de l'Eure. 1900.
Oil on canvas.
Signed and dated lower left: G. LoisEAU 1900.
65.5 × 82 cm.

We would like to thank Didier Imbert for confiming the authenticity of the work, Paris, 14 February 2020. It will be included in the Catalogue raisonné currently in preparation.

- French private collection, purchased in the 1930s in Paris.
- Portuguese private collection, purchased from the above and by descent to the present owner.

Gustave Loiseau is one of the most important French Post-Impressionists, whose landscapes and city scenes of Paris arouse immense fascination among his viewers. He painted with a luminous colour palette, a pastose application of paint and an impressionistic choice of motifs. Like Alfred Sisley, he sought beautiful locations along river banks that could offer him a variety of impressive moods to capture at different times of the day and in various weather conditions. His painting style does not comprise a strict placement of uniform dots of colour, as with Paul Signac, but rather a variety of dynamic brushstrokes that reflect the movements of the water surface or the branches and leaves of the trees in the wind.

From 1899 Loiseau painted river landscapes with poplars on the Eure in Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil. During that time, his style and motif closely approached that of Claude Monet. Produced in 1900, the painting presented here belongs to this important group of works. For this work he chose a clear, sunny day with very strong light effects. The light reflections on the water and in the foliage of the trees, underscored through the application of richly contrasting highlights and strokes of white, produce a very powerful effect conveying the sense of being nearly blinded. Loiseau has also achieved a dynamic sense of movement through his vigorous brushwork — rather than appearing static, the painting captures the flowing of the water and the rustling of the trees and bushes.

Such river landscapes with poplars are among the works that achieve the highest prices at auction due to their intense visual impact.