Lot 1109 - A192 Furniture, Porcelain & Silver - Thursday, 18. June 2020, 02.00 PM


Meissen, ca. 1750. Model by Johann Joachim Kändler.
Underglaze blue sword marks on the backs of the base.
H 20.5 cm.

Minor chips, fire cracks in the base of one of the models.

- Collection Henry and Emma Budge, Hamburg (collection label).
- Auction Paul Graupe Berlin, 27-29 September 1937, Lot No. 767.
- Swiss private collection.

The first models date from August 1732 and Kändler recorded them in his work report "Zwei Eichhörnigen" and in September 1733 "Ein kleines Eichhörnngen". For comparative items, cf. Carl Albiker, Die Meissener Tiere, 1953, No. 164.

The auctioning of this lot is carried out in the context of an agreement between the Seller and the Budge Estate, in which the latter waives any further claims to reassignation.

CHF 3 000 / 5 000

€ 2 800 / 4 670

Sold for CHF 34 460 (including buyer’s premium)
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