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Meissen, ca. 1730. For the Japanese Palace in Dresden with the Johanneum number "N=196. w".
One bowl with underglaze blue sword mark, the other with enamel-colored swords in purple. Johanneum numbers "N=196. w", incised and blackened on all four parts. Incised mark / in the base of one bowl.
H 10.5 cm. D 13.4 cm.

Lid and bowl of one tureen, slightly chipped.

- Royal Saxon Collections, Japanese Palace, Dresden.
- Collection Baron Erich von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, Auction Ball & Graupe Berlin, 25 May 1931, Lot Nos. 589 and 590.
- Swiss private collection.

Among the deliveries from 1732 onwards for the planned Japanese Palace for August the Strong were also a large number of celadon-glazed items with floral designs. On the initiative of the manufactory management, Höroldt had developed new base colours from 1726 onwards, including sea green, also known as celadon.

The list of 1736 with the delivery from the Dresden warehouse to the Japanese Palace also includes the following entry: "38 St. grünglasurte kleine Suppenschalen ohne Henckel" (Boltz , Keramos 153/1996, p. 96).

In 1769, after the premature completion of the new furnishing of the Palace, the following objects were, inter alia, included in the inventory of the Tower Room of the Dresden Residence and were listed under No. 196 as follows: "Sechzehen Stück celadon Couleur glassurte Suppen-Schaalen mit Deckeln, worauf kleine Caningen sitzen, und weißen Schildern mit goldnen Rändgen eingefaßt, worinnen Blümgen gemahlt, jede 4½. Zoll hoch, 5½. ? Zoll in Diam." (Claus Boltz, Keramos 1996, p. 80).

Comparative pieces: Auction Christie's London, 28 March 1977, Lot No. 39 (Collection Maurice de Rothschild); Düsseldorf Hetjens Museum 1997, Ausst.-Kat. Frühes Meissener Porzellan, p. 52 No. 28; Auction Bonhams London, 15 May 2011, Lot No. 175.

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