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Swiss vedutas, foreign views & reproductions of paintings, c. 1880-1910. 106 original photographs.
Photochrom prints.
12 × 16.5 cm to 27.5 × 21.5 cm (vertical and horizontal formats).
Most with picture number and legend printed in gold. The verso occasionally stamped, with handwritten or typewritten legend.

- Sabine Arquém Nathalie Boulouch, John Vincent Jezierski and Bruno Weber. Photochromie. Voyage en Couleur. 1876–1914. Paris, 2009.
- Daniela Wegmann, Marc Walter and Sabine Arqué. P.Z. Photoglob Zürich - Jubiläumsbuch. 1899–2014. Zurich, 2014.

Showing Zurich, Schaffhausen, Altdorf, Lauterbrunnental, Lucerne, Rigi-Scheidegg, St. Moritz, Geneva, Lausanne, Chillon, Granada, Brussels, Paris, Versailles, Milan, Bellsund, including numerous mountain, valley and lake views, sights and numerous reproductions of famous paintings. Some very early photos.

The edges slightly rubbed, the corners partly bumped or perforated, some with small edge tears, occasionally slightly crimped. However, overall in good condition.

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