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Lot 2824* - A199 Wristwatches & Pocketwatches - Wednesday, 01. December 2021, 11.00 AM

Veigneur Frères, extremely rare and large gold enamel pocket watch with 1/4-repeater and automation, for the Chinese market, ca. 1790.

Pink gold 750.
D 58.8 mm.

Finely enameled case (in part restored) on an engine-turned ground, decorated with half-pearls. The sides of the case are decorated with cloisonnée enamel (in part restored) and have minute sound-openings for the repetition on bell. The automation consists of 2 movable figures which strike the hours and quarter-hours with small hammers on 2 bells, when the repetition is triggered. At the same time, 3 faceted glass rods rotate, depicting water flowing from a fountain. The Chinese pagoda-style fountain and the figurines are made of tricolor gold and are finely engraved.
Jean-Marc and Isaac Veigneur were active in Geneva from about 1770 to 1800. The company was known for its high-quality clocks with automations, musical clocks, and repeaters. Veigneur Frères also supplied the Chinese market (see also "La Montre Chinoise" by Alfred Chapuis).
Case: Gold enamel case "Directoire", with pearl decoration. Repetition, triggered via the bow. Enamel paintwork, in part restored.
Dial: White enamel dial with gold hands.
Movement: Verge movement signed: "Fres Veigneur A Geneve" No. 13172. 1/4-hour repeater with 2 hammers on silver bell. Requires revision.
Accessories: Expert opinion by Prof. André Curtit (Curator of the Watch Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds).

CHF 7 500 / 14 000 | (€ 7 730 / 14 430)

Sold for CHF 12 500 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.