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Zurich, dated 1657. Probably from the workshop of Hans Jakob Nüscheler the Elder.
Cartouche with the coat-of-arms of the Bär family, held by an angel. In the background a city view of Zurich. Inscribed: Eliseus der from Gotts man ward schmach worten grifen an von bösen unge zognen knaben drum Zwen ber(e)b sy Zerisen habeni. This main image is framed on both sides by columns and on the top by scrolled pediments with mythical figures (later additions). The upper picture shows eight bears as soldiers (according to the inscription the children of the Bär husband and wife). The lower coat-of-arms cartouche is inscribed: Hans Jacob Bär uf dem albis Furier und Elsbet Frickerinsyn eliche husfrau 1657. Heinrich, Jacob, Hnas Jacob, Hans, Hans Heinrich, Ulrich, Ruodolf, und Adelheit die Beren al ihre eliche Kinder.
22 × 35 cm.

Cracks and repairs to the lead. Significant restoration.

CHF 3 000 / 5 000

€ 2 800 / 4 670

Sold for CHF 3 750 (including buyer’s premium)
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