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Brussels, ca. 1650. With the city mark B B (Brabant – Brussels). From a series about human life.
Narrow portrait tapestry, depicting a pair of rulers being showered with riches from the sky. Below a boy picking up coins. The upper section with a cartouche depicting a landscape, bordered by a garland with fruit and flowers. The bottom, with a cartouche.
442 × 164 cm.

Repairs and restorations, probably somewhat shortened in height.

A decree by the city of Brussels from 1528 obliged the producers of tapestries to mark the products with the city marks as well as with a mark of the manufacturer or purchaser (these are missing on the tapestry on offer). The decree became an Imperial edict in 1544, obliging other centers to adopt a city mark as well. Cf. Guy Delmarcel, La Tapisserie Flamande, Paris 1999. p. 362.

Comparable tapestries from this series can be found in Madrid and Vienna.

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