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Lot 1418 - A194 Arms & Armour Col. Sigrist - Thursday, 24. September 2020, 05.00 PM


German, Christoph I. Stäntler - Passau/Munich ca. 1560.
Iron hilt, carved decoration, lion head pommel with open jaws, protruding tongue and finely sculpted teeth, ears and pelt. Flat knuckle guard, leading into the quillon, guard plate, connected to the knuckle guard, quillon ending in the carved lion head. The outer sides of the guards, the connections, and quillon, decorated with ornamental leafs and punctiform decoration. Grip with fine brass wire wrapping. Single-edged blade, broad hollow cuts, double-edged tip, mark: "Hand with Malchus" (Christoph I.Stäntler).
Single-edged blade L 87.7 cm. L 102 cm. C: 1.

- Collection Baron de Cosson. Mr. and Mrs. John Long Severance, Catalogue of the Collection of Arms and Armour, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland 1924, No. 27, Ill. 26. Auction House Peter Ineichen, 23 May 1977, No. 457, Plate 13, CHF 15,600.-
- Swiss private collection.

Extremely rare and in very good condition. Cf. E.A.Gessler, Die Entwicklung des Schweizersäbels im 16. bis ins 17. Jahrhundert, ZHWK Vol. 6, Issues 8/9. Jürg A.Meier, die "Schweizersäbel" of the Vogel Collection, WKK 2014, Issue 1, p. 103, Fig. 6. Stefan Mädel, Beseelte Klingen, 2013, pp. 98/99, No. 16, hilt from the same workshop.

CHF 15 000 / 16 000 | (€ 15 460 / 16 490)

Sold for CHF 18 600 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.