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Lot 1429 - A194 Arms & Armour Col. Sigrist - Thursday, 24. September 2020, 05.00 PM


Third quarter of the 17th century. So-called "Sempacher helbard", oldest Bernese version.
Tip in the style of a single-edged blade, square reinforcement at the tip. Narrow blade with slightly inclined edge, the back with a spike. Two langets. Octagonal shaft.
L 214.5 cm.

- Collection M. Sigrist, Lucerne.

First model of the "Sempacher halberds" commissioned by the Bernese War Council after the defeat at Villmergen in 1656, cf. Jürg A.Meier, Halbarte oder Bajonett? - Zur Vorgeschichte des bernischen Sieges in der 2. Schlacht bei Villmergen, in: Waffen-und Kostümkund, 2005, Issue 1, pp. 44-45, Ill.1. Wegeli, Stangenwaffen, Hist. Museum Bern, 1939, pp. 50-57, Nos. 1372-1407, Plate VII, helbard dated back to the 15th century.

CHF 2 100 / 3 400 | (€ 2 160 / 3 510)

Sold for CHF 2 250 (including buyer’s premium)
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