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Brussels, 17th century. Signed François van den Hecke (active in Brussels ca. 1625–1675).
Depiction of a young man, surrounded by Jupiter and Minerva (Wisdom), on the right: a bare-chested woman (Luxury) and a woman holding a bridle (Moderation). Framed by pillars on the sides, and the top with fruit- and flower garlands.
337 × 347 cm.

Various losses and tears, the borders, in part frayed. Significant restoration/supplement in the lower left-hand corner.

This tapestry depicts an Allegory of Human Life and says that man should follow Reason, and not Vice.

CHF 5 000 / 7 000

€ 4 670 / 6 540

Sold for CHF 6 875 (including buyer’s premium)
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