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Lot 3029 - A197 Swiss Art - Friday, 02. July 2021, 02.00 PM


(Bern 1853–1918 Geneva)
Lake Thun, seen from Breitlauenen. 1906.
Oil and oil crayon on canvas.
Signed and dated lower right: F. Hodler 1906.
103 × 89 cm.

- Collection of Ernst Berger, Langnau im Emmental, 1921.
- Collection of H. Berger, Zurich, until 1946.
- Swiss private collection, from 1955.

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This important painting depicts the view from the Breitlauenen Alp to the west over the Därliggrat ridge, revealing the Interlaken plain below with the Beatenberg on the opposite side of Lake Thun, which terminates with the peaks of the Niessen and the Stockhorn chain of mountains projecting as landmarks from the horizon line. After a theft, the painting was mounted on a new stretcher and excellently restored by the Swiss Institute for Art Research.

Unlike the many other motifs that Hodler often repeatedly captured in actual series, sometimes over the span of several years and creative periods, this view of Lake Thun from Breitlauenen is unique in Hodler's œuvre. A smaller version showing only the view of the lake, but without the pastures of the Breitlauenen Alp, is located in the public collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel (Inv. G 1958.52, Max Geldner Bequest, 1958). From this same point of view, which Ferdinand Hodler selected during his stay at the Kurhaus Breitlauenen in the summer of 1906, Lake Brienz can also be seen to the northeast, a view the artist painted in two versions in the same year and from the same location.

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