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Lot 455 - A203AS Asian Art: Japan, India, South-East Asia - Tuesday, 29. November 2022, 04.00 PM


Japan, Edo period.
An armour (tachidô tôsei gusoku): Akodanari suiji kabuto (helmet) lacquered black with brass kuwagata (stylised horns) and ken maedate decorated with the yatsumizuguruma crest of the Saitô family. Assorted russet iron mask (sabinuri menpô) with moustache. Kirizuke kozane cuirass (dô) and fold (kusazuri) laced in orange, red and beige, shoulder guards (sode), sleeves, cuisse and leg protection (haidate, kote and suneate). Black lacquered armour box (gusoku bitsu) with Tokugawa-clan family crest.

Provenance: Old Swiss private collection, thence by decent.

CHF 7 000 / 10 000 | (€ 7 220 / 10 310)

Sold for CHF 23 480 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.