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Lot 841* - A207 Out of This World - Monday, 04. December 2023, 04.00 PM


Project 'Gewicht der Leichtigkeit' (The Weight of Lightness)
356 SC 1600 Karmann Coupé
Vehicle ID No: 216606
Engine type: 616/6
Power: 95 hp

Provenance: AMAG First AG

‘In the beginning, I looked around but couldn't find the car I dreamed of. So, I decided to build it myself'. –Ferdinand ‘Ferry’ Porsche

With the creation of his dreams, the son of the famous Ferdinand Porsche, who founded the Porsche company, not only made a direct hit to the Zeitgeist and the desires of car lovers all over the world, but also set what is probably one of the most legendary milestones in the history of automobile manufacturing. The Porsche 356 series became a dream car, posters of which were longingly stared at, and which has been considered the epitome of elegance, performance and timeless beauty for generations.

The Porsche 356 was the first road-going sports car to bear the Porsche name and was introduced in 1948. A lightweight, compact sports coupe, its design was influenced by the Volkswagen Beetle, but also included innovative and performance-oriented features that gave the 356, compared to other sports cars of the time, remarkable power and agility. When production finally ceased in 1966, the 356 series had not only provided the company with full order books and an excellent reputation, but also laid the groundwork for another sports car legend, the 911 series.

The Porsche Centre Zurich and Swiss industrial designer Alfredo Häberli collaborated on the ‘Gewicht der Leichtigkeit’ (Weight of Lightness) project. This involved transforming a 1964 Porsche 356 SC into a unique art object. Häberli made it his mission to ‘achieve a lot with a little’. On the one hand, this is reflected in his meticulous work on the Porsche, and on the other, it also captures the spirit of the iconic vehicle: a declaration of love for the brilliance of its engineering.

Alfredo Häberli is one of Switzerland's most distinguished contemporary designers. Born in 1964 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Häberli moved to Switzerland with his family at the age of 13. After completing his industrial design studies at the ‘Höhere Schule für Gestaltung’ in Zurich in 1991, he founded his own studio in the trendy Seefeld district. Häberli has established himself as an internationally renowned designer and has developed design icons for the Finnish design brand Iittala, among others. With his distinctive style that focuses on durability and quality, Häberli avoids trends and thus remains timeless – as timeless as a Porsche.

A combination of art, craftsmanship and sports car design – this is the result of the Art Car project ‘Gewicht der Leichtigkeit’. Häberli relied on neutral colours in only three shades, which he used to paint the body to emphasise the design of the iconic Porsche. The aim of the project was to, in a classic, timeless and poetic way, highlight the design language of the 356 SC, which, due to its sculptural grace, can already be described as a work of art.

With this project, AMAG First AG is setting another example in the advancement of the Swiss cultural scene. 20% of the buyer’s premium and 20% of the final bid will be donated to the Swiss Children's Cancer Aid Association.

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CHF 95 000 / 180 000 | (€ 97 940 / 185 570)

Sold for CHF 187 500 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.