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Lot 251 - A209AS Asian Art: Himalaya, China - Tuesday, 18. June 2024, 10.00 AM

LIN FENGMIAN (1900–1991).

69 x 65 cm.
Ink and colours on paper. Sun Wukong and his opera retinue in the play 'Uproar in Heaven' after the famous Ming novel 'Journey to the West'. Signed and sealed. The painting covers an older work by the artist. European frame.
This seal has already been used on works as early as the 1930s and seems to have been lost in the Cultural Revolution. At that time the artist was forced to destroy hundreds of his paintings with his own hands.

Provenance: Swiss private collection.
For the seal compare: Lin Fengmian quanji, Zhongguo qingnian chubanshe 2014, 4 vol.


69 x 65厘米。
纸本設色。 明代著名小说《西游记》之《大闹天宫》中孙悟空圖。 签名并盖章。 現作品繪製與另一張舊旧作品之上。 欧洲框裱。此印早在20世纪30年代就已在作品上使用,似乎在文革中遗失了。 当时艺术家被迫亲手毁掉了他的数百幅画作。
來源:瑞士私人舊藏。印章參照 :《林風眠全集》,中國青年出版社 2014 年版,4 卷。

CHF 180 000 / 250 000 | (€ 185 570 / 257 730)

Sold for CHF 375 000 (including buyer’s premium)
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