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Brussels, mid-17th century. City mark BB (Brabant-Brussels) and signed G. Peemans (Gérard Peemans, active 1660-1707).
Depicting a battle scene, the upper part inscribed in a cartouche "IULIUS CAESAR ET POMPEUS CONFLIGUINT". Wide border with an opulent floral garland featuring figures and a depiction of shepherds in a cartouche.
400 x 600 cm.

Minor tears, restorations.

A similar tapestry by Gérard Peemans from the series 'La Vie de César-Auguste', 'L'Histoire de Marc-Antoine et Cléopatre' and 'l'Histoire de Zénobie, reine de Palmyre' is depicted in: Guy Delmarcel: La Tapisserie Flamande du XV au XVIII siècle, Paris 1999, p. 247.

Gerard Peemans was the son-in-law of the famous Brussels carpet weaver Gerard van der Strecken, who produced a large number of high-quality wall hangings in the mid-17th century. G. Peemans ran one of the most important Brussels workshops of the second half of the 17th century. Active between 1660 and 1707, he already employed fourteen weavers on six looms in 1665. This number increased to thirty-three weavers in 1683, only to drop again to four looms from 1703-1707.

All the cited tapestries have the same border, a masterpiece of Flemish Baroque art, with love motifs, fruit and flower garlands "au naturel", peacocks, vases, water-spouting dolphins and cartouches with Latin inscriptions, which are recurring design elements and testify to Baroque opulence. The magnificent border completes the festive atmosphere of this brilliant wall tapestry.

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