Lot 9776 - ibid112 Asian Art (Part 2) - Tuesday, 07. July 2020, 10.00 AM


Japan, Shintô Period (Edo Period, late 17th c.), length 43.5 cm.
Blade in shinogizukuri style, toriizori sugata, suguha with midareba hamon, masame, in parts itame hada. Signature: Echizen-jû Higo no kami Fujiwara Yasutsuna. Koshirae (mount) with black lacquer scabbard. Openwork tsuba, fuchi and kashira with dragon decoration, menuki with hotei motif (18th c.). Kozuka (knife attached to the scabbard) with a dragon and cloud motif, signed: Tanba no kami Yoshimichi (17th c.).
No NBTHK papers.

- lacquer on sheath severely chipped in places
- bamboo pin for mekugiana missing, handle winding over it damaged
- blade originally of good quality. Numerous scratches, discolorations and corroded areas

CHF 2 000 / 3 000

€ 1 870 / 2 800

Sold for CHF 1 875 (including buyer’s premium)
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