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Lot 1409* - A198 Arms & Armour - Thursday, 30. September 2021, 05.00 PM


In the German style of ca. 1500, work from the end of the 19th century.
Iron hilt, long pommel, hemispherical rivet surface. Three-edged quillons, scabbard cover. Leather-covered wooden grip with oval cross-section. Square blade (L 109 cm), all four sides fullered.
L 133.8 cm

A sword equipped with a long thrusting blade was called "cross sword" in the Swiss Confederacy. The weapon seems to have been brought to Swiss territory from France by mercenaries. They were banned on the occasion of the Diet ("Tagsatzung" ) of 11 March 1409, because their use was limited in comparison with the swords for slashing and thrusting (Swiss degen). Good replica of a weapon which is not available in the original. Cf. E. A. Gessler: Vom Kreuzdegen, ASA NF 24, 1922, pp. 158 ff.

CHF 700 / 1 200 | (€ 700 / 1 200)

Sold for CHF 3 000 (including buyer’s premium)
All information is subject to change.