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(Siegen 1577–1640 Antwerp)
Achilles and Briseis.
Oil on canvas.
46.2 × 62.7 cm.

- European private collection.
- Koller Auctions, Zurich, 18.9.2013, Lot 6520.
- European private collection.

This painting is based on the composition of Peter Paul Rubens in the Detroit Institute of Art (Inv. No. 53.356, ca. 1630-31, oil on panel, 45.4 x 67.6 cm).

Oil on canvas, lined. The paint surface is well-preserved. A fine network of craquelure is visible. On the left side next to the horses a fine scratch of around 0,1 x 0,7 cm.
Under UV: Some dotted retouchings and some restored craquelure, specially in the background on the putti as well as in the foreground. Further dotted retouchings on the horses as well as on the figures. A bigger retouching on the left leg of the man to the right as well on the man next to Briseis. The varnish fluoresces irregularly greenish.
Overall condition good.

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