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Collections are formed and grow over the course of a lifetime, or even over several gener­ations. Connoisseurs often spend many years thoroughly studying their personal area of inter­est, as well as its artistic, social and historical background. They visit auctions and dealers around the world, exchange information and works with fellow collectors, and constantly ameliorate their collections with new additions. When such a collection is sold, we often have the sense that what comes up for auction is not merely the sum of the individual objects, but an entire life history. The auction catalogue is also often a documentation of a life’s work, and serves as a reference for future generations of collectors. At Koller we have had the privilege of offering numerous collections at auction, from many different categories. Our wide range of special­ist departments – over twenty distinct collecting categories – allows us to catalogue and present collections from the most diverse fields in an accurate and professional manner.

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Past auctions

ibid114 - ibid Pastry Moulds
A194 - Porcelain from the Estate of Rosmarie Schmidt-Ducret
A194 - Arms & Armour Col. Sigrist
A178 - Faience Col. Schmitz-Eichhoff