Expertise and appraisals – the expert's eye

Thanks to the experience of our specialists and their extreme attention to detail, Koller is able to identify even seemingly unremarkable works of art and to sell them for important prices. Following are just a few examples of million-franc discoveries:

June 2009: Koller auctions places a chest of drawers by the famous cabinetmaker to King Louis XIV, André-Charles Boulle, within the context of nine other nearly identical pieces, today in some of the world's most important collections. The work sells for CHF 963 000 / EUR 640 000.

September 2008: After research by Koller's specialists and associated experts, a previously unknown still life is able to be identified as a masterpiece by Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (1573–1621). At auction, the work sets a record for the artist at CHF 5.77 million / EUR 3.61 million.

September 1999: A small oil on copper that was initially appraised at "only" CHF 100 000 / EUR 62 000 is identified by Koller as being an important work by Mannerist artist Joachim Wtewael (1566–1638), and is sold for CHF 3.14 million / EUR 2 million, a world record for this artist.


Estate management: we handle everything

"Cherry picking," or choosing only the most interesting works from an estate and leaving the family to deal with the rest, is not a part of the business philosophy at Koller. We prefer to offer a complete service, finding the best sales platform for all of the items in an estate: either in our main auctions, or in our Koller West sales for more moderately-priced works.


Shipping: art without borders

Koller auctions' logistics management team works with international transport companies to insure the surest and most reasonable shipment of your works to and from Zurich. Our experience in these matters is considerable, especially since over 80 % of our buyers and 20 % of our consignors are from outside of Switzerland.


Insurance guidance: better safe than sorry

Koller's team of specialists are available to appraise works of art or entire collections for insurance purposes, and to recommend the appropriate insurance agency.


Restoration made to order

Koller Auctions has an in-house cabinetmaking workshop in close proximity to the main auction galleries. Clients thus have the possibility to have their purchases restored to their liking by professional and highly experienced craftsmen.


A family business

Koller Auctions is owned and operated by the Koller family. This independent and flexible structure provides a favourable working environment for Koller's department heads, who have been with the company for an average of 15 years. This in turn translates into a stable and efficient buying or selling experience for our clients, and the guarantee of quality that only comes from a company that stands behind its family name.


Cyril Koller
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Koller Zurich

Zurich: an international auction market

Switzerland offers many advantages for buyers and sellers: its unique situation in the centre of Europe - but outside the European Union - allows for a low VAT rate, uncomplicated import/export regulations, and no droit de suite tax on works by modern artists. Switzerland's reputation as a financial centre is respected worldwide.

The results at Koller Auctions demonstrate time and again that quality works of art and antiques realize prices in Zurich and Geneva equal to those on other international marketplaces like London or New York. Through an intensive Internet and international press marketing strategy, Koller reaches buyers worldwide, as evidenced by the sales statistics: the large majority of buyers of important works in our auctions come from outside of Switzerland.

Koller West – The thrill of the find

Koller West offers an exciting and diversified choice that includes classic antiques such as clocks, paintings, prints, porcelain, silver, jewellery, Asian art and, of course, furniture. The department specializes in rustic furniture and furniture of the Baroque and Biedermeier periods.

However, Koller West’s objects also range from home furnishings to oddities. Almost anything is possible, and a visit to our exhibition is always worthwhile. Connoisseurs can sometimes make exceptional discoveries, and with some intuition, fancy objects and decorations can be acquired. Prices often remain modest, and newcomers can already get a first taste of the auction business.

Viewings and auctions of Koller West are always held during the same week as the Koller's main auctions, enabling customers to check out offerings for both sales in one go. Koller West, as Koller’s second division, enables the Zurich auction house to sell complete estates and to expertly place objects of a broad spectrum in one auction series.

Koller Geneva – the most direct route to Zurich

Since 1980, the Geneva branch of Koller Auctions has been the focal point for Koller Auctions' large clientele in western Switzerland.

Twice a year, namely in June and December, auctions for wine and art of Africa & Oceania are held within the elegant 19th-century boiseries of the Palais de l'Athénée, and for over twenty years, clients have relied upon Koller Geneva's efficient and personalized service.

Whether you require a professional at-home appraisal, advice on the management of your collection, or a full-service liaison for consignments to our main office in Zurich, don't hesitate to contact Koller Geneva.