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Renaissance, Venice ca. 1600. The plinth monogrammed IC, probably from the workshop of Girolamo Campagna (1549-1625).
Dark patinated bronze. On a pink and black stone base.
Figure H 35 cm.

Repairs on the leg, foot and elbow.

The design of the flat feet and the lower legs of this figure bears similarities to a figure of Venus Marina in the Metropolitan Museum in New York (Inventory No. 68.141.19), which also bears the monogram IC on the plinth and is therefore attributed to the Campagna workshop. The figure is likewise reminiscent of works by Giuseppe de Levis (1562-1611), of whom two fireplace chenets with comparable figures of Venus and Jupiter are on display in the V&A Museum (Inventory Nos. 3012:1 to 9-1857). A similar use of Ceres as a figure on a fireplace chenet is also conceivable, possibly also explaining the somewhat simpler design.

Charles Avery. Joseph de Levis & Company. Renaissance Bronze-founders in Verona. London 2016. Col. 22 and Col. 23 with depictions of the fireplace chenets in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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