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so-called "marqueterie au jasmin", Louis XIV/Régence, from a Parisian master workshop, ca. 1720/30.
Ebony, rosewood, maple, amaranth, sycamore and cherry, exquisitely inlaid with flower bouquets, sphinxes, mythological creatures, leaves, scrolls, cartouches and decorative frieze. Front slightly "en arbalète" with 3 drawers, the top drawer divided in two. Gilt bronze mounts, drop handles and sabots, in part not original. Veneer with some alterations. Cracked top.
117x64x82 cm.

- Private collection, Switzerland.

Lit.: G. Janneau, Le mobilier français - le meuble d'ébénisterie, Liège no date.; pp. 27-30 (Figs. 26 and 27, cupboards by A.C. Boulle with similair inlaid work). H.D. Malesworth/J. Kenworthy-Browne, Meisterwerk der Möbelkunst aus 3 Jahrhunderten, Munich 1972; pp. 56-58 (with illustrations of comparable furniture). P. Ramond, Chefs d'oeuvres de Marqueteurs, Paris 1994; I, p. 133 (with illustration of a commode with identical marquetry), p. 144f. (Fig. of a chest of drawers from the Gismondi Collection).

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