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(Bork/ Westfalen 1936–2020 Cologne/ Dortmund 1947– 2011 Cologne)
"Plaste und Elaste", 1987/88. 2 original photographs. From the series "Gegenseitig".
Chromogenic colour prints. Vintages. Edition of the Galerie Heinz Holtmann.
Image dimension 61 × 47 cm and 45 cm; sheet dimension 71 × 55 cm and 53 cm.
Verso inscribed "Digitaldruck", titled, numbered 1/11, fully signed and dated. From an edition of 11 + 4 AP. Individually framed.

- Dean Sobel und Tom Bamberger (Hrsg.). Anna & Bernhard Blume. Photo-Works. Ausstellungskatalog Milwaukee Art Museum, 9.2.-21.4.1996, u. a. Milwaukee, 1996 (Abb. S. 143).
- Anna & Bernhard Blume. Das Glück ist ohne Pardon. Joy knows no mercy. Polaroids. Ostfildern-Ruit, 2003 (Abb. S. 9).

- Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Köln.
- Vom jetzigen Besitzer bei obiger Galerie erworben.

"In 1987/88 we created a Polaroid photo-series in Cologne, and a little later in a Neckermann hotel on Tenerife: these were 'reciprocal portraits,' each out in half and stuck back together again. The faces are fatefully linked with each other, and with an enormous variety of plastic objects, wherever they happen to be standing, lying or flying around, at home, or in the open air, or on holiday beaches, for example... its images were subjected to ... shifts by cutting and other minor visual devices, and thus physiognomically deconstructed..." (Sobel/ Baumberger, 1996, S. 145).

Gelbe Variante: Am rechten Bildrand leicht bestossen (ausserhalb der Darstellung). Ansonsten in sehr guter Erhaltung.

Blaue Variante: Am rechten Bildrand winziger Entwicklungsfleck (ausserhalb der Darstellung). Links unten im Rand kaum störende Druckstelle. Ansonsten nahezu tadellos.

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