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Lot 1037 - A198 Decorative Arts - jeudi, 30. septembre 2021, 13h00


Winterthur, beginning of the 17th century. Monogrammed and dated 16A*L16 (for Andreas II. Liechti, 1582–1650).
Wrought iron, in part painted. Open movement, the corners with flat, slanted bands, ending in scrolls at the top. Movement with verge escapement and balance wheel, and striking mechanism, striking the 1/2-hour on bell, with a small fly vane, arranged one behind the other. Bell cage ending in a carnation, and decorated with small blossoms. The dial is painted with a putto and an hourglass, and dated 1616.
16.5 × 17 × 39 cm.

Various restorations and supplements. Dial later. Originally, probably with an alarm.

The clock on offer is mentioned in the inventory of the only seven surviving clocks by Andreas II. Liechti, with the remark "incomplete". Cf. Adolf Schenk. Georg Holtey: Die Uhrmacherfamilie Liechti von Winterthur und ihre Werke. Winterthur 2006. p. 101. A very similar clock, likewise with a frame in flat iron, can be found in the Clock and Watch Museum Winterthur (Schenk / Holtey: p. 69, Ill. 31).

CHF 8 000 / 12 000 | (€ 8 250 / 12 370)

Vendu pour CHF 27 140 (frais inclus)
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