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Lot 979* - S18 Out of This World - mardi, 18. avril 2023, 16h00


Complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton
Late Cretaceous, 65–67 million years
Three dig sites in the Hell Creek and Lance Creek Formations in Montana and Wyoming
11.6 × 3.9 × 2.65 m

US private collection

It is a remarkably well restored original fossil (50.17% original bone material) that consists of composite bones from three exceptional Tyrannosaurus specimens that were unearthed between 2008 and 2013, all three of comparable size, quality and geological origin from the Hell Creek and Lance Creek formations in Montana and Wyoming. Both of these locations are notable for two of the most important Tyrannosaurus finds.
Shipping and mounting information for the new owner:
Trinity is packed in 9 sturdy, ready-to-ship wooden crates.
The largest is 408 x 121 x 147cm, and the smallest 157 x 121 x 140cm.
Included in the purchase price is a complete mounting by the crew of the Swiss Dinosaur Museum in Aathal (excl. travel and accommodation), who have already constructed and dismounted Trinity on two occasions.

The shipment and mounting can be organised anywhere in the world. For a detailed quote please contact .

For the full documentation on the T. rex, please see seperate TRX-293 TRINITY Catalogue.

CHF 5 000 000 / 8 000 000 | (€ 5 154 640 / 8 247 420)

Vendu pour CHF 5 548 300 (frais inclus)
Aucune responsabilité n'est prise quant à l´exactitude de ces informations.