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Baroque, Amsterdam ca. 1750. The dial signed GERRIT KNIP AMSTERDAM, active between 1720 and 1760. Case, later.
Mahogany. Rectangular case, on a convex base. Silver-plated chapter ring. Engraved brass center with window for moon phase, date, day of the week and month, and silver-plated chapter ring for the seconds. Below the chapter ring, painted panel with automation for the movable sailing ships. Movement with anchor escapement, striking the 1/2-hour on 2 bells. Pendulum and two weights.
71 x 37 x 232 cm.

The case, later. Cracks and losses in the case. Movement requires servicing. Suspension for the pendulum, cracked.

- Swiss private collection.

The Dutch watchmaker G. Knip lived in Amsterdam from ca. 1720 to ca. 1760. Later, he worked together with his son and signed his work: Gerrit Knip en Zoon. (C. Clutton, Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers, London 1973; p. 432).

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