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signed HAFFNER FRERES, 8 PASSAGE JOUFFROY PARIS, probably C.G. DIEHL (Charles Guillaume Diehl, Steinbach 1811-1885 Paris) or G.GROHE (Guillaume Grohe, Wintersheim 1808–1885 Paris), Paris c. 1860.
Ebony with exceptionally fine inlays of green and red tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl and engraved brass fillets in "Boulle" technique. One-door front with medallion set in bronze band. The interior fitted with with central drawer between double doors and 2 adjacent drawers. The interior of the door with etched depiction of the Paris stock exchange. Rich and fine matte and polished gilt bronze mounts and applications. "Vert de Mer" top edged in bronze. 8-bolt lock. 1 safe key. Right lock removed. Marble top repaired, some losses.
100x52x150 cm.
This object contains material of endangered species and is subject to certain trade restrictions. Prospective buyers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import it into another country.

- According to oral tradition, gift of the city of Paris to Emperor Napoleon III, on the occasion of his ten-year reign.
- Auction Galerie Koller Zurich on 15.3.2000 (Cat. No. 1785).
- Swiss private collection.

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