Lot 316* - A191AS Art Asiatique: Japon, Inde, Asie du Sud-Est - mardi, 03. décembre 2019, 14h00


Japan, 19th c. 155x120x45 cm and 130x130x54 cm.
Wood with red, brown and silver paint. Eyes inlaid in glass. Tail separately made. Damages due to age and cracks, restorations. (2)

Provenance: German private collection, before Dan Kelly (1939-2002), castle Gymnich.
The terms 'kara shishi' (lit. Chinese lion) and 'koma inu' (Korean dog) are nowadays used as synonyms. Traditionally a pair of shishi is positioned at the entrance of a Buddhist temple or Shintoist shrine as guards, like Niô guardians. Earlier, in Heian period (794-1185) the two figure types were distinguised between the left figure as 'shishi' with open mouth (agyô), the right one as 'koma inu' with closed mouth (ungyô).

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