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Late Renaissance, probably Grisons, dated 1663.
Softwood, pine, walnut and various, in part tinted, fruitwoods, inlaid in geometric friezes and reserves and fleurons. Front with hinged cover, inlaid with two birds on leafy branches. Monogram IF. The leaf, on the inside, inlaid with musical instruments and a book, surrounded by tendrils, and opening up into a central door, framed by seven drawers. The central door opens up into a large compartment and two small drawers. The fronts of the drawers, inlaid with animals, architectural elements and mythological scenes. The door features a putto and a harp. Iron carrying handles. 1 key.
43.5 × 29 × 34 cm.

Die äussere Struktur sowie Teile der äusseren Intarsien später.

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